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Viabio offers cutting-edge technology to the bioprinting industry to evaluate and improve the viability of bioprinted tissues and organs, which will improve 3D bioprinting capabilities using AI.

Use Viabio Software for Bioprinting Optimisation

Use Viabio 3D bioprinting optimisation software for modeling and simulation of critical construction processes to enhance the viability of bioprinted tissues and organs.

Improve the efficiency and scalability of 3D bioprinting technology through the use of AI and mathematical modelling.

Our Products:


The main product is the software application for modeling physical processes inside a printed organic structure and finding its optimal design to increase viability.

The product is offered as a Software-as-a-Service Platform, with a monthly or annual subscription.

The cost depends on the functionality that the end user requires. Additionally, we offer a per-click mode for the software, with a one time cost.

Our present emphasis is centered around analyzing spheroids, although we remain open to dedicating a significant amount of time in the future to studying organoids, along with exploring diverse 3d bioprinting techniques.

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Software Modules for Bioprinting Optimisation
We are aiming to develop Software modules for wide range of bioprinters.

The control software allows for real time adjustment of the bioprinting process using to computer vision control and modeling of bioprinting physics.

We tested it on Computer-Assisted Manufacturing Complex for 3D bioprinting we have prototyped.

Our Team:

International diversified team of experienced professionals

  • Dr. Bogdan KIRILLOV
    Chief Scientific Officer
  • Dmitry MOSTOVOY
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Nikolay MALUKHIN
    Chief Technical Officer
  • Maksim ANNIKOV
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Michael AKIMOV, MBA
    Non-Executive Director
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